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Erwin Bowien was a painter, but also a writer. With his writings and diary entries, he left behind an extensive written oeuvre, which, unfortunately, still largely awaits evaluation and discovery. Except for his war diary "Les Heures perdues du Matin," published by French publisher L´Harmattan, and his autobiography, edited by his master student Bettina Heinen-Ayech with the support of Freundeskreis Erwin Bowien e.V., to date only a few essays and short stories have been published in the association's newsletter. His biography and his painterly work, meanwhile, have received recognition in several publications.



  • Anonym: Schilderyen, pastellen en teekeningen van E.J. Bowien, S-Gravenhagen, 1942, The Hague
  • Dresia, Hansjakob: "Erwin Johannes Bowien", an introduction to the painter's work with 8 black and white reproductions, Solingen


Erwin Bowien is co-author of the exhibition catalogue for the Robert Engels Retrospective at the German Blade Museum in Solingen from 1 July to 9 September 1956.
Erwin Bowien is co-author of the exhibition catalogue for the Robert Engels Retrospective at the German Blade Museum in Solingen from 1 July to 9 September 1956.


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  • The September 1977 issue of the Swiss magazine “Leben und Glaube” published a full-page cover of a work by Erwin Bowien from 1972


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  • Sigrid Genzken-Dragendorff: "The years with Njanja youth memories from St. Petersburg". ISBN 3-924600-14-7. In this autobiographical pamphlet, the author dedicated a chapter to the painters Bettina Heinen-Ayech and Erwin Bowien, whom she greatly admired, under the title: "Teacher and Student".


  • Ulle Huth: "50 years of Solingen artists", the chairwoman of the Solingen artist community "SK", created a documentation on the history of this community in 1996 on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the community of Solingen artists Cultural life after the Second World War.


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